'The Life House' by The School of Life Offers Three Ways to Find Serenity

 - May 23, 2016
References: thebookoflife.org & youtube
'The Life House' is a new venture from philosopher Alain de Botton and his School of Life that functions as a secular monastery in Wales for the modern age.

Inspired by the tradition of finding serenity in a monastery, as is done across many religions in the world, The Life House has been established as a retreat where people can find peace of mind. In collaboration with famed minimalist architect John Pawson, The Life House offers three themed rooms for finding serenity through literature, music and bathing.

The School of Life is a self-proclaimed "global organization committed to psychological health and well-being," with a presence in some of the largest cities across the world. This organization provides events, teachings and a range of quirky products in its shop that are inspired by philosophy.