The Kinjaz ‘El Tango' Video Puts an Urban Twist on the Tan

The Kinjaz ‘El Tango’ concept video, choreographed by Anthony Lee and Tony Tran, beautifully portrays the flexibility of hip-hop culture as it takes on elements of the Tango and further exposes the Kinjaz as an extremely creative force to be reckoned within the hip-hop dance world.

The choreography features Tango formations and is executed in pairs much like a regular Tango performance. The movement of the hands and feet, however, are dictated through intricate choreography which has become an extremely popular trend in hip-hop dancing. Emotions and facial expressions are kept strictly Tango as well making the Kinjaz ‘El Tango’ performance an obviously well thought out interpretation of the Tango through an urban lens.

Hip-hop choreography is known for its hard-hitting, street swag nature, however, many do not realize how versatile this genre of dance can be. Videos such as the one above have begun to stimulate recognition for hip-hop as an effective and cool way to express emotion.