The Dutch 2008 EK Football Killer T Shirt

 - Jun 9, 2008
References: bettieakkumaoj & happyhotelier
I'll explain why this is a Killer T-Shirt.

Submission, a video made by former Dutch member of Parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali together with Theo Van Gogh. Van Gogh got killed by a Dutch animal activist of Muslim descent as a result of the video.
The unfamous Danish Cartoons leading to a wave of Muslim fundamentalist reactions around the Muslim World. Lately the Danish embassy in Pakistan being demolished by an Al Queda claimed bomb attack.
Fitna, a YouTube video created by Dutch right wing member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, the publication of which Dutch Government tried to prevent because of fear for similar reactions as to the Danish cartoons, This led to a hot debate in Dutch Parliament where Wilders even accused the ministers of being liars.

Combine the three, and you'll understand why Tjebbe launched this T-Shirt just in time for the 2008 European Football (Soccer for our American friends) Championships.

Tjebbe initiated this media project to get Muslims united with the Dutch soccer team, and Dutch people to bond with their neighbors.

The statement in AanvAllah is that the usual war cry from the Dutch Football (Soccer) supporters is "Aanvallen" or more vernacular "Aanvalluh". Tjebbe connects this war cry with Allah.

We will wait and see what happens.

It will be a long hot summer.