Transform Festive Dishes into Meaty Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes

These Thanksgiving dinner cupcakes let you reinvent holiday meals for the children without having to toss out all the traditional favorites.

Even if it's coated in gravy, kids might not want to give those healthy vegetables a try. Blogger Make Bake Celebrate reimagines the gluttonous holiday with Thanksgiving dinner cupcakes, recreating healthy vegetables using sweet fondant and icing to allure children into believing that healthy veggies can also be delicious. With holiday staples like corn on the cob with butter, turkey stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed vegetables and of course, roasted turkey, these Thanksgiving dinner desserts ensure that holiday feasts continue, even after the main meal is over. Though dinner is already over, guests will surely have a laugh, suspecting that the host has accidentally mixed up their dinner leftovers with their desserts.