The HYSWAS Tetrahedron Super Yacht Boasts a Futuristic Design

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: schwinge & hiconsumption
The HYSWAS Tetrahedron Super Yacht by UK-based designer Jonathan Schwinge is a futuristic water craft that looks like a pyramid floating on the water. While the design may look like something out of a fantasy film, Schwinge's idea is surprisingly feasible.

In collaboration with the Marcel Müler, INMAINCO and The Maritime Applied Physics Corporation, Schwinge outlined his designs for the HYSWAS Tetrahedron Super Yacht. The vessel itself consists of side-mounted adjustable foils that form the shape of a pyramid. This portion sits atop a vertical strut that is attached to a submerged torpedo hull. The unique design makes the vessel appear as though it is levitating as it glides over the water.

While the futuristic yacht is still just a concept, the design demonstrate the future of luxury water crafts.