The 'Xtend & Climb' Telescopic Ladder is Compact for Quick Storage

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: odditymall
Storing a traditional ladder requires lots of extra space that many people might not have, so the 'Xtend & Climb' telescopic ladder is intended to be an alternative. Coming in an array of size options, the 'Xtend & Climb' ladder works by allowing users to extend the telescopic design upward to push it completely out or partially so.

The 'Xtend & Climb' comes in sizes of 8.5-feet, 10.5-feet, 12.5-feet and 15.5-feet, which makes the design ideal for an array of different tasks. The unit is capable of being stored and transported in a trunk, and features a closure system that allows the individual levels to be compacted down in just seconds. The 'Xtend & Climb' telescopic ladder has a strong locking mechanism that will prevent it from ever faltering during use.