Tedosio Sectio Aurea Turns Abstract Sculptures into Shadowy Paintings

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: teodosio.gr & mymodernmet
The impressive artworks of Tedosio Sectio Aurea, a sculptor hailing from Greece, is sure to baffle many. They involve what at first appear to be abstract sculptures that could easily be passed over for a pile of junk to the untrained eye. That is especially the case if they aren't viewed properly. When displayed in a dark room with a light shining upon them, Tedosio Sectio Aurea's sculptures paint the wall of shadows that take on familiar forms of people and objects.

As though practicing some sort of magic, Tedosio Sectio Aurea is able to transform steel wire and iron into a unique canvas. My Modern Met writes, "The intention of Auera’s work is to philosophically connect it to its original source material."