The ASUS 'Z-LUXX' Technology Series is Richly Designed

 - Jan 24, 2017
References: yankodesign
Technology such as laptops, smartphones and tablets have become fixed tools in our society, so the ASUS 'Z-LUXX' technology series aims to make them a more stylish accessory. Given that we take our devices and gadgets with us everywhere, the ASUS 'Z-LUXX' series imagines the devices as being stylish accessories. This is achieved using a number of materials such as brushed metal, aluminum and leather to transform the advanced technology devices into technology that's suitable for men and women.

We have seen technology devices with a feminine aesthetic before, but the ASUS 'Z-LUXX' technology series looks to take this notion a step further with designs for both men and women. This goes against the somewhat rudimentary design of technology devices to be more stylish.