This Tear Away Wallpaper is Designed to Fit Any Style Preference

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: znak-life & design-milk
If home decor is beginning to look stagnant to you, then you need to decorate with tear-away wallpaper.

Traditionally, wallpaper isn't very exciting. Even though it can come in interesting prints, it is usually quite monotone and doesn't allow for creative freedom. This paper is customizable, and you can choose what style of decor you wish to emulate.

After applying the wallpaper, you have the option of tearing off individual sections of the paper. You can decide how much you want off. Also, you can paint on the wallpaper, and then make interesting designs created out of negative space.

This tear-away wallpaper is the perfect addition in your home if you love having creative freedom and enjoy making your own designs.