The Taxiermy Animal Art by Sarah Cusimano Miles is Eerie

The hauntingly eerie taxidermy animal art photography by Sarah Cusimano Miles in her photo series Solomon's House is tragically beautiful. The artist depicts animals in a stunning way. The photographs utilize the interpretation and human psychology. The animal skins are placed on visual surfaces like table clothes to symbolize their worth. The taxidermy animals are stunningly placed look like tragic heroes in a way.

The point of her taxidermy animal art is to ask individuals to look beneath what they see and to compare their own experiences to those of the "non-human others." The captivating and moving photography displays wild animals and pets in their cages -- like the hamster, or on a fancy table with human objects like ceramic plates -- like the blue jay bird. The photo series Solomon's House by Sarah Cusimano Miles is a stunningly creative take on taxidermy animal art.