The Taxi Hailer Will Make Sure You Always Have a Ride

If passing taxis make you feel invisible then slip this handy dandy Taxi Hailer on your hand and you'll never escape a cabby's notice again. Looking like a sports novelty, the Taxi Hailer by Shipley & Halmos is vibrantly yellow and clearly marked with a desperate plead for a lift home. Cabs are guaranteed to slow down when they see this little number waving around in their side mirror.

You'll never be inconspicuous again with this Taxi Hailer by your side, and you'll never be desperate for a ride again. The Taxi Hailer may just eliminate a few of your urban-related rage issues. In this concrete jungle it pays to be assertive and there is nothing more assertive than a giant foam hand yelling at you.

Keep a safe distance from the Subway and in the comfort a surly cabdriver's questionable car with the ingenious Taxi Hailer.