'To Round' is a Task Manager App That Playfully Organizes Priorities

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: itunes.apple & to-round
Unlike many task manager apps that arrange activities in a list format, 'To Round' goes about organizing items on a to-do list in round bubbles. In this way, the app makes it incredibly easy to give attention to tasks that should be given priority.

When a task is completed, it can be satisfyingly sent "down the funnel." In order to clear up the pipeline when there are simply too many tasks piled up, certain items can be selected and scheduled to return at a specified date in the future. For even greater visual organization, each circle that surrounds a task can be color-coded in order to represent a specific category.

This dynamic to-do list's visual system is ideal for those who desire a better way to identify and act on urgent tasks.