Tart Sweets Serves Raw Cookie Dough Like Ice Cream

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: tartsweets & triad-city-beat
Many people with a sweet tooth are perfectly content with eating raw cookie dough as it is, but Tart Sweets offers a unique take on the unbaked confection.

Rather than serving cookie dough by the spoonful, as some companies do, Tart Sweets serves its raw cookie dough just like ice cream—a refreshing take on the summer dessert that won't melt. To keep the dough safe to eat in its raw form, Tart Sweets uses heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs.

The cafe in Winston-Salem, North Carolina boasts an edible cookie dough bar where consumers may pick a flavor and enjoy it as either an ice cream cookie sandwich, also known as the "doughwich," or a cone. At the bar, customers also have the chance to decorate their ice cream-inspired cookie dough desserts with various toppings.