The Takahiro Kimura 'Hollow' Clip is Morphing and Morbid

 - Mar 6, 2012
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The Takahiro Kimura 'Hollow' project is mystifying and intense. The collage work draws in on a deformed face that somehow holds an overwhelming sense of lost beauty. The face of the project has characteristics typical of societal ideals of beauty: blue eyes, big lips and a narrow chin. As the animation proceeds, the disfiguration morphs and worsens. The face is stricken with splotches of colorful light, like a dripping LSD trip.

Takahiro Kimura is a Japanese artist with an international presence. He portrays the complexity and elusive depth of human emotion through his creations of the human face. In combining something familiar with spontaneous physical distortions, Kimura evokes uneasiness and longing.

The Takahiro Kimura 'Hollow' series is an overwhelming look into the morality of the human nature.