The 'NOROCK' Table Base Secures Itself to Any Surface in Mere Seconds

 - Aug 10, 2017
References: coolthings
Gone are the days of using sugar packets to level out a wobbly table thanks to the 'NOROCK' table base that will work to provide instant stability regardless of the surface you place it on. The 'NOROCK' comes in five style options including the Esplanade, Parkway, Terrace, Avenue and Trail to provide you with the kind of decor style that you desire for your space or business.

The 'NOROCK' table base works by incorporating a mechanical solution that doesn't require electronics or intervention to be operated. All a person needs to do is place the furniture piece in the area desired and allow the 'NOROCK' to work its magic to instantly stabilize on uneven wooden decks or even on a cobblestone street.