Sylvie Reuter Draws Disturbed Yet Adorable Kids

Sylvie Reuter's illustrations may not be the prettiest or the most technical, but therein lies its charm. In particular, she often illustrates children with awkward proportions, making viewers instantaneously empathize with these infants with malformed craniums. It's almost as though each subject draws its inspiration from Tetsuo in the movie Akira.

Looking through Sylvie Reuter's deviantART page, there's also an undercurrent of sorrow in all of her illustrations. The juxtaposition of childlike whimsy with sad and sometimes disturbing scenarios is what makes Reuter's work truly stand out from her peers.

Implications - Consumers are responding negatively to computer-generated graphics due to its overuse in mainstream media. As such, they've found a new appreciation for artwork with an analog look and feel to it. Corporations may consider using analog artwork in media campaigns in order to satiate consumer desire for such content.