The ‘Sexting and the College Student’ Infographic is True

 - May 29, 2012
References: s3.amazonaws & bestcollegesonline
Sexting is a practice we’ve all at least heard of at this point, leading to the development of the 'Sexting and the College Student' infograph to better understand the custom. What you may not realize is that this phenomenon is much more common than one would originally think, and there are serious legal repercussions for unwanted sexts or sexts involving minors. With 56% of college students responding that they have been sent an image sext, and over 78% admitting to receiving a sext message, this information is alarming.

Sexting is not confined to monogamous relationships, or relationships at all in fact. According to the graph, sexting mostly occurs between non-committed people. Furthermore, sexts are often shared with others.