The Nalla Swimwear Design Fits Any Size and Can Easily Change Styles

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: nallaswimwear & kickstarter
Nalla, a company that's based in Los Angeles, California, offers women "the world's most versatile swimwear" design. Consumers are able to pick from a variety of colors and accessories and are asked to choose between just two sizes, with the 'Standard' size fitting women between an A and D cup and the 'Large' size for women that are above a D.

The Nalla swimwear design only needs two sizes due to its seamless Lycra material and its lack of a structured fit that allows it to mold to any body type. The use of Lycra fabric also ensures that no unwanted bumps are created when wearing the customized swimsuit designs, in addition to being quick to dry and incredibly comfortable to wear.

The styles that the products are able to swap between are nearly endless, with consumers welcomed to try out their own creations by simply twisting and knotting the pieces to get the fit that complements their figure best.