Swimming Fully Clothed

 - Nov 24, 2008
References: swimmingfullyclothed & urlesque
Most people don't like getting wet with their clothes on, but a strange group of people actually like to, and seek to have it happen.

There is even a blog dedicated to the common (apparently) "fetish of people swimming fully clothed" called SwimmingFullyClothed.com. It's strange, there is no nakedness or really messed up behavior, and it is actually a really interesting blog if you're looking for a good laugh. Bless the people posing in their costumes.

More than a little strange, but really funny. No apologies if you're really into this and take it so seriously that you can't see the funny side. To be fair, it's quite ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as being taught to swim at school by jumping in the pool in your PJs and having to save the life of a brick!!!