This Sustainable Eatery is Housed Inside an Old Shipping Container

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: meimeiboston & boston
'Mei Mei by Design' is a sustainable eatery housed inside an old shipping container. One of the benefits of kiosk-style restaurants is that they can be located in places where there is no infrastructure in place for traditional food outlets. This waterfront restaurant demonstrates the freedom that kiosks offer when it comes to unusual locations.

Mei Mei by Design is a sibling-run restaurant that serves contemporary Chinese-American cuisine. Unlike other restaurants, Mei Mei by Design relies on locally sourced ingredients and humanely raised meat. Aside from its mandate to provide sustainable food, the restaurant also differs from traditional eateries in that it is housed inside an old shipping container. Located on Boston's waterfront, the shipping container kiosk provides food for an area of the city that lacks traditional restaurant options.

The sustainable eatery demonstrates how restaurants can use unconventional materials to set up shop in places that they might not be able to otherwise serve.