Susan Boyle Tells Oprah Winfrey She's No Longer Lonely

 - May 11, 2009
References: telegraph
The world has been waiting for Oprah Winfrey's Susan Boyle interview, and finally we'll get a chance to see what the talk show queen wants to ask the viral superstar when the satellite interview goes live today.

One of the hugest reasons Susan Boyle achieved her fame so fast was because she isn't the cookie cutter fit for the stunning, divalicious stars of today. In fact, Boyle even admitted she lives alone and has never even been kissed. Oprah, playing the journalist role that shot her to fame, had to ask about her loneliness.

"Oh no. I am not lonely. Everyone has been so nice. I've got millions of new friends now."

Oprah will also interview Simon Cowell.

The special Oprah episode is called 'The World's Got Talent' and is expected to get around 10 million views -- week compared to the roughly 70 million views Susan Boyle has on YouTube.