The Alpha Rebel 'KCUF' Survival Bracelets are a Luxury Accessory Option

 - May 22, 2017
References: alpharebel & dudeiwantthat
Those who want to stay ready for just about anything that might happen will be interested in the Alpha Rebel 'KCUF' survival bracelets. Designed to look as stylish as possible when worn as jewelry, the Alpha Rebel 'KCUF' bracelets are able to expand to nine feet of military-grade paracord. The incorporated hardware on the Alpha Rebel 'KCUF' bracelets can be purchased in either 925 sterling silver-plated or in 24 karat gold-plated to suit style preferences perfectly.

The Alpha Rebel 'KCUF' survival bracelets are indeed stylish yet provide all-weather capabilities and are backed by MIL-C 5040 certification. Additionally, the Alpha Rebel 'KCUF' bracelets are resistant to mildew, mold, discoloration and stains in order to ensure they will look as good as possible when they aren't being used for emergency tasks.