From Stylish Smart Bracelets to Skintone-Matching Timepieces

 - Jun 24, 2017
Jewelry is often labelled as an accessory, but as the June 2017 jewelry trends show, it can be so much more. In fact, jewelry has created entire careers. Who would Flava Flav be without his signature clock pendant? Dozens of late-00s rappers rose and fell on the glistening sheen of grills, and, outside the rap game, generations of athletes have stake the course of their years as players on the amount of rings they collected. The June 2017 jewelry trends merely affirm the essential importance of the fashion choice.

One truth in jewelry's past is that it never served much of a material purpose beyond its appearance. Watches tell time, but that's about it. Today, jewelry can be equipped with technology to do so much more. The Ringly GO, for example, looks like an elegant stone embedded in a filigreed band, but it is laden with smart tech that tracks its users and delivers valuable information.