Superfood Bakery's Superfood Baking Mixes Redefines Healthy Indulgences

Spirit Lifters Cookies, Bliss Balls and Morning Dreamers Pancakes are just a handful of the uplifting superfood baking mixes that can be prepared with help from the Superfood Bakery's packaged products.

The superfood baking mixes feature simple, healthy and all-natural ingredients, helping to reframe treats, which are often associated with guilt and unhealthy ingredients. To share its creations with the world, Superfood Bakery set out to create optimistic and joyful packaging that communicates its devotion to making "a range of products that would make you feel good about yourself and warm on the inside."

Although there are some fresh ingredients that simply cannot be included in a prepackaged baking mix, Superfood Bakery only calls for simple additions like ripe mashed bananas, honey or agave as a natural sweetener, vegetable oil and water.