The Coralarium at the Fairmont Maldives is the First of its Kind

 - Jul 20, 2018
References: newatlas & luxurylaunches
The Fairmont Maldives is no stranger to luxury and gorgeous landscapes, but this hotel now carries the distinction of featuring the first semi-submerged gallery space known as the Coralarium. Created by revered artist Jason deCaires Taylor, this unique underwater installation features an impressive structure that stands tall before being submerged and viewed from under the water.

The external structure of the submerged gallery measures about 20-ft-tall and is constructed from a 200-ton stainless steel cube, which is further encased in a 10-ft median tide along its façade. To reach the exhibit, visitors must snorkel or swim 500 ft, along an impressive underwater coral pavement.

Once inside the Coralarium, viewers can observe sculptural works created from life casts of real people. These sculptural pieces are displayed within a matrix of sorts in the exhibit and are meant to showcase the connected nature humans share with the ocean.

Image Credit: Jason deCaires Taylor