- Mar 28, 2019
Artistic retail activations have become a popular way for brands to engage with consumers by offering them high-quality goods and the opportunity to experience contemporary art and culture. Because of this, certain stores hit the radar of individuals who are interested in modern creative endeavors.

This form of retail activation has been exceedingly popular in the category of contemporary streetwear and has been extensively purveyed by entities like Bodega who boasts a bodega-like display in its Los Angeles flagship, luxe label Dior who partners up with renowned American artist KAWS for a creative pop-up experience, as well as KITH who arranges in-store exhibitions with artists.

Artistic retail activations are, of course, not only beneficial to the brand but are also a way for creatives to gain recognition.

From Arty Miniature In-Store Exhibitions to Artful In-Store Pop-Ups: