- Jun 18, 2006
References: styleteria
Trend Hunter is pround to announce the launch of Styleteria Magazine ( Styleteria is a digest of Hip Fashion Trends, Modern Style, and Cult Couture discovered by our global network of trend hunters at TREND HUNTER Magazine.

Hip Fashion Trends - Got the fashion bug? Or maybe your 80's fashion trends have got you down. If that's the case, you need to hang out at the Styleteria and see the hip fashion trends that the kids are flaunting these days. Hip fashion design, fashion accessories, and fashion trends.'

Modern Style - Modern Style is the prevailing mode of social expression. Wikipedia puts it best by stating, 'Inherent in the term is the idea that the mode will change more quickly than the culture as a whole.' In other words, you're shirt was only cool 5 minutes ago.

Cult Couture - If it's on the runway or just plain bizarre, you'll probably be wearing it in a couple years. So why wait?