StumbleUpon Page Life Cycle Highlights US Traffic

 - Nov 2, 2011
References: stumbleupon & psfk
The StumbleUpon page life cycle infographic blew me away with how much of the web's social sharing the site is responsible for. One of the most staggering stats is that StumbleUpon drives 50% of social media traffic in the US.

Another really interesting stat from the StumbleUpon page life cycle infographic is that the site gets 2.2 million web page uploads every month. For most of the categories, Facebook comes in a distant second, with Reddit and Twitter just behind. This infographic showcases really interesting numbers for anyone involved in social media.

Implications - Youth consumers are looking towards content curators to structure their experience of the web. Infographics feed this need with their ability to quickly communicate a lot of information. Companies should consider how they can curate the contents of the web in a meaningful and easy-to-register way for their consumers.