'Studio Chapeaux' Designed Pasta Branding for Every Occasion

 - Nov 12, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
Studio Chapeaux is a creative agency that was enlisted by 'Butlers' to create a vibrant range of pasta packaging designs.

The pasta was created to focus on special occasions and features a small collection that celebrates various days and events. The 'I Love You' pasta packaging is red in color and covered with imagery associated with Valentines day – with pink and yellow pasta pieces in the shape of hearts. The 'Birthday' pasta is blue with celebratory imagery and pasta pieces shaped like gifts, while the 'Christmas' version is festive and its pasta comes in the shape of Christmas trees.

In designing this branding, Studio Chapeaux ensured that the collection's celebratory nature is clear to the consumer and is able to draw their eye to the unique shape of the pasta itself.