The Nintendo Wii Console is Being Adapted to Help Stroke Victims

 - Dec 11, 2014
References: & gizmag
Researchers at Lancaster University are looking into ways to adapt Nintendo Wii games to use them as physiotherapy tools to assist stroke victims. Many stroke victims suffer paralysis or loss in controlling movements. Now, the diminutive and modern Nintendo Wii system could be used as efficient, cost-effective and fun rehabilitation tools for victims of strokes.

The researchers inducted survivors of strokes into three trials which required them to imitate a screen-projected 3D avatar. They were asked to follow movement patterns for the shoulders, elbows and forearms and were even requested to hit randomly appearing balls and play air hockey.

Following the Nintendo Wii-assisted rehabilitation, one study participant was able to lift and drain a cooking pan for the first time since her stroke 11 years earlier. Ultimately, using the Wii in this manner could