The Yubi Navi Baton Vibrates To Direct You To Your Destination

 - Oct 17, 2014
References: & gizmag
Yubi Navi is a prototype device, developed by NTT Docomo, that aims to simplify navigation by replacing visual direction prompts with subtle tactile cues. If you've ever consulted your smartphone for on-foot navigation while walking down the street, you'll know that it's far from perfect because you need to constantly glance down at your display to know where you're going.

The term 'Yubi Navi' translates to finger navigation, an accurate description of how it works. The baton-like device is held by the user much like a Nintendo Wii remote. The device then vibrates slightly on either the left or right side before twisting slightly. If the user needs to stop or start moving, the Yubi Navi will press out slightly into their palm.

The Yubi Navi is still just in prototype stage but could prove very useful when navigating places like crowded sports stadiums and theme parks, while also potentially helping blind people get around with ease.