Artist Isaac Cordall Creates These Tiny Cemented Street Art Figures

 - Aug 5, 2013
References: sweet-station
London-based artist Isaac Cordall is responsible for creating these miniature cemented street art figures. These little men are seen standing in shopping carts, huddling over graves and more.

Most of Cordall's tiny gentlemen sculptures seem to be wearing suits. He depicts them in disaster for the most part. Some of these pictures capture tiny men emerging from puddles with life jackets on. Other shots capture these cemented figures digging their way out of rubble. If anything, Cordall's miniature men seem resilient.

Each of these miniature street art figures measure out to be about 25 centimeters tall. These works can be seen in Berlin, London, Brussels, Liege and Barcelona (among other places). Cordall's tiny cement figures capture the attention of passersby.