These Stranger Things Cupcakes Make Many References to the Netflix Show

 - Aug 12, 2016
References: reddit & mashable
Following the immense popularity of this Netflix original series, redditor Youdevillog created these Stranger Things cupcakes. Inspired by various Stranger Things characters, the baked goods are decorated either in a direct reference to a person on the show or are simply inspired by their essence. You can make your own if you need a snack to munch on as you continue binge watching episodes, something to eat if you can't sleep after watching the spooky show or are simply a big fan of the program.

The Stranger Things cupcakes include a nod to the mysterious Eleven with miniature Eggo toppings, references to Hopper's love for cigars and donuts as well as recreated Christmas lights. One dessert features a color scheme that takes inspiration from Barb's wardrobe while another is garnished with a Nilla wafer for Dustin.