'Straight White Boys Texting' Compiles Hilarious Submissions

I can't be sure, but I have a hunch that the 'Straight White Boys Texting' Tumblr was started by a girl at the end of her rope.

Despite politely trying to turn them down, some boys are hellbent on turning a simple texting conversation into a hot-and-heavy sexting session. If you're fed up with unsolicited d*ck pics and incessant questioning on the status of your virginity, then you'll enjoy browsing -- and perhaps contributing -- to the submissions on 'Straight White Boys Texting.' From the typical "What are you wearing?" to the more brazen "Wanna see my d*ck?," the Tumblr features some pretty hilarious entries featuring comments from clueless, yet persistent, boys.

In the wake of the UCSB shooting and the corresponding #YesAllWomen hashtag, this blog serves as a comedic way to highlight issues concerning our obsession with virginity and our disregard for consent.