The StayWokeBot on Twitter Supports the Black Lives Matter Campaign

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: mashable & fastcompany
The StayWokeBot on Twitter is helping the nonprofit group 'We the Protesters' to answer questions and comments on Twitter.

The StayWokeBot provides information and is an experiment in activist automation. The bot auto-replies to tweets that mention its Twitter handle, and will provide information like the names and phone numbers of the US senators in the recipient's state. The creators want to build the bot's knowledge around hot-button topics to be able to provide thorough answers to questions or comments related to the Black Lives Matter movement. The StayWokeBot send messages that compare new followers to black icons like Beyonce, Steph Curry, Oprah and James Baldwin. Activist DeRay Mckesson wanted people to have a positive interaction with the bot.

The StayWokeBot helps to answer all the tweets related to the Black Lives Matter so that activists can focus on being active with their campaigns.