Stash Financial Inc. Launches a 'Stock-Back' Debit Card System

 - Mar 18, 2019
References: bloomberg
Stash Financial Inc is a Fintech startup and personal finance company based in New York City and it recently introduced a rewards system for its debit cardholders. The Stash debit cards will feature a 'stock-back' program that allows cardholders to earn fractions of shares through stock returns.

Rather than the traditional rewards of cash-back systems, Stash will reward 0.125% back of spending, which will alternate rates to as much as 5% based on certain deals and promotions. Cardholders will earn shares in related industries when using the debit card at businesses such as local restaurants, which do not have a trade in the public market. Stash Financial Inc. is working with Green Dot Corp in order to generate a higher profit from transactions.