This Special Edition SRT Viper TA is Dangerously Alluring

 - Nov 18, 2014
References: drivesrt & coolhunting
The 2014 SRT Viper TA was relaunched early this year as a special edition model—with the "TA" in the car's name standing for "Time Attack," it's hardly any wonder that this car is a lean, mean racing machine.

Since it was first released in 1992, the car has since become known as a one of the speedy and sought-after cars on the market. Aside from the aesthetics of the car, it has a few dangerously alluring features, such as bring built without controls to aid with traction, stability and other aids that help to keep all four wheels firmly planted on the ground. While this car is sure to catch the eye of any auto enthusiast, it's one that could be beautifully handled by an expert driver, but disaster in the hands of a novice.