The Squirrel Wingsuits Will Have You Soaring the Skies

 - Sep 17, 2013
References: & gearhungry
Thrill-seekers gather 'round -- the Squirrel Wingsuit allows individuals to take flight. The suits take the art of BASE jumping and skydiving to the next level of fun/insanity.

These suits by Squirrel accommodate different flying types, too -- perhaps you prefer gliding over plummeting (to your death). Each suit is built to customize your body shape and type, specially tailored to your height, weight and body (with a total of 12 measurements required). Choose between a variety of colors (to represent your last living moments on this planet). Each suit also features all the necessary zips and ties, alongside a compartment called the 'nutsack' for storing your snacks, beers and drugs.

The Squirrel Wingsuit is the perfect gift for certified thrill junkies that are seeking to get a bit more out of plummeting out of a plane (apparently that's not enough these days).