Vileda's ProMist MAX Spray Mops Boast a Head That Flips 180 Degrees

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: vileda
While there are a number of spray mops that boast microfiber cleaning cloth pads, most are prone to getting dirty quickly and must be either replaced with a new cloth or washed before reuse. Vileda's ProMist MAX Spray Mop is designed to make the task of cleaning one's floors much easier, thanks to a design that allows the double-sided microfiber head to flip 180 degrees for continued cleaning without interruption. Once all the cleaning has been finished, the machine-washable microfiber pad can be removed and washed up to 100 times for reuse.

On top of this notable feature, the cleaning product also boasts a refillable bottle so that the user may choose the best cleaning solution suited for surfaces such as linoleum, tile, laminate, marble and more.