Explore Leading Herb and Flavor Concepts at the Fore of Culinary Pursuits

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: trendreports
The Spice Trend Report reveals just how instrumental dashes of herbs can be. Cumin, cinnamon and curry flavors have been infused into modern takes on traditional dishes, bringing the palettes of remote countries to mainstream restaurants. Chefs and expert food blogs have demonstrated just how delicious zesty dishes can be, spurring economical eaters to replicate the recipes at home. The 65 PRO Trends and 581 instances of tasty ventures documented in this report will be essential for grocery retailers and culinary experts.

Globalization has brought about an acute awareness of foreign delicacies. Middle Eastern meals infused with saffron have become commonplace, as well as Greek dishes that make use of oregano. At-home brands like Home Sense have in turn produced imaginative spice racks, and it is these receptive ventures that are picked up on in this report.