This Ancient Grain is a Great Wheat Alternative

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: bobsredmill
Organic Spelt Berries by Bob's Red Mill offer the pure, unadulterated taste of an heirloom grain, a genetic derivative of durum, which originated in the Near East more than 8,000 years ago.

Because it has never been hybridized, spelt has preserved many of its antique qualities. The whole-grain is easily digestible, more so than other wheat forms, and is thus very useful for people who experience dietary intolerances. This does not mean that spelt is gluten-free, however. Still, spelt berries make a great alternative for wheat grains and brown rice, and can act as a substitute for rice pilaf, soups and salads.

The sweet, nutty flavor of Bob's Red Mill Organic Spelt Berries is supplemented by nutritional qualities, such as high levels of fiber, manganese and iron.