Zubaida Bai's Gives an Important Speech On Women's Health

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: d-lab.mit.edu & youtube
Zubaida Bai's speech on women's health outlines her own venture into providing low-cost birth kits for women and girls around the world, as well as the importance of investing in the health and empowerment of women and girls.

In creating the Clean Birth Kit in a Purse, Bai consulted not only experts and medical health professionals, but the women who would be using the kit to help deliver babies. The consulting and product development process resulted in the creation of a $3 kit that minimizes infection through the use of a blood absorbing sheet, a surgical scalpel, a clamp, a bar of soap, surgical gloves and a cloth to wipe the baby clean. All of these products are packaged in a purse that is to be gifted to the mother once she delivers her baby – a symbol of prosperity to go along with her safe and healthy birth.

Zubaida Bai's speech on women's health speaks to the potential significance of low-cost interventions in aiding impoverished women around the world.