This Das Eis Sorbet Dessert is Rich with Greens Like Spinach and Kale

This sorbet dessert from Das Eis transforms an indulgent drink into a healthy treat by taking inspiration from blended green drinks.

The plant-based 'Green Smoothie Sorbet' is made with fruits and vegetables that pack a nutritional punch and keep the product true to its name with rich greens like kale and spinach. The 100% organic, vegan and fair trade certified sorbet dessert is free from soy, gluten and lactose and includes a spoon within its compostable tub.

The rise of green juices and smoothies as healthy beverages is now permeating other food categories, particularly desserts and snacks, which have a reputation for being unhealthy and overly indulgent. This Green Smoothie Sorbet seems to be a better-for-you alternative than most ice cream treats.