Caolion's Cleansing Sticks Transform from a Balm to an Oil to Foam

 - Oct 9, 2017
References: cultbeauty & cultbeauty
South Korea's Caolion recently launched a unique solid cleanser for the face that transforms from a balm to an oil and then to a foam to provide a deep cleanse. The 'Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick' is offered in both antioxidant-rich green tea and detoxifying charcoal varieties.

To use, the stick cleanser product begins as a balm, but is said to melt upon contact with the skin. At this stage, the product then turns into a rich, creamy foam that can be worked into the face to draw out impurities, as well as remove makeup and residue, before it may be rinsed away with water.

Across the world of beauty and skincare, consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on perfumes, exfoliants and makeup products in a solid stick format for their mess-free, portable properties.