The Wild Soldiers Series Interprets Men Turning Into Beasts for War

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: & designtaxi
Russia-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov recently unveiled his latest project of soldier portraits. Titled 'Wild Soldiers,' the series promotes a dark theme -- the idea that men turn into literal beasts during war.

In collaboration with makeup artists Natalia Pavlova and Uliana Makhtyuk as well as retouch expert Veronica Ershova, this project features soldiers with their faces half painted to mimic a wild creature. Some of the creatures include fierce lions and intimidating tigers. Its immaculate photography, makeup, special effects and props allow the series to resonate with various viewers on an emotional level.

The ultimate goal for these imaginative soldier portraits is to stress that "it is impossible to kill people and keep your human face. War changes people: transforming them to dangerous, cruel and unpredictable beasts."