Asahi's Soft Drink Vending Machines Will Serve Ultra-Cold Chilled Drinks

Around the world, there are many soft drink vending machines, as well as those that offer chilled beverages to refresh consumers on hot summer days. This summer in Japan, Asahi Soft Drinks will be launching a new series of vending machines that keep drinks at colder-than-usual temperatures. Asahi Soft Drinks' new vending machines are set to offer beverages at sub-zero temperatures, including 23 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 10 degrees colder than typical temperature-controlled machines.

To highlight the fact that consumers will be able to rely on these machines to keep their cool in the heat of the Japanese summer, Asahi Soft Drinks is launching a special-edition extra-chilled version of Mitsuya Cider that will not freeze like water at low temperatures.

Image Credit: Asahi Soft Drinks