Koi Club x Asics Collectors Box

 - Jan 28, 2008
References: sleepstodream.blogspot
The Koi Club x Asics Collectors Box manages to put the billion years of human evolution into four basic stages and make it a work of art, from which any schoolchild would find it easy to remember Darwin's theories - from fish to sneaker.

This is another fine example of the Koi Club finding new ways to promote sneakers in some shape or form. The sporty collaboration with Asics is an inventive and informative one, as this sneaker-art is encased in a steel briefcase and uses 4 different sculptures to mimic man's progression from the sea and out onto land, by evolving a shape of a fish into a fully funtional sneaker.

The price is rumoured to be around 1,000 Euros, which is bound to add to its 'collectors item' appeal. However, on closer inspection I seem to think there's something missing from the Koi Club x Asics Collectors Box...the right sneaker.