These Drawings by Bonafide Icon Represent a Complete Sneaker Archive

This series of images by artist Bonafide Icon represent a 'Grail' sneaker archive -- a complete collection of the world's most famous shoes.

Since the 80s, sneaker culture has risen to the status of religion. Sneaker collections worth millions of dollars exist all over the world. At this point, there is a cultural sneaker archive of the most famous shoes ever made -- a sneaker archive containing the best variations of the Air Jordan, the Reebok Kamikaze 2 and the Nike Air Huarache, and many other pairs.

Bonafide Icon has taken on the task of artistically representing this 'Holy Grail' sneaker archive, and does so with skill and a slightly ironic sense of humor. His sneaker archive series is done in a style that looks like stained glass -- poking fun at the modern obsession with the cult of sneakers.