Snakes and Girls Redefines Eve's Role in the Banishment from Eden

 - Oct 3, 2012
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New York-based photographer Alexandra Leroy reinterprets the classic story of Original Sin with a few slithering twists in her collection 'Snakes and Girls.'

Inspired by the symbol of evil, cunning and most importantly, temptation, Leroy focuses on the girls' smoldering stares and poisonous lips, seducing all who look their way. The malicious words that slipped with intent corroded the minds of Adam and Eve and caused their banishment from Paradise. Eve, a marionette in the sinister serpent's plans, reincarnates into a temptress in these seductive photos. Her sultry lips are stained with blood and poison as her eyes glare into your soul with purpose and malevolence.

This captivating collection is almost hard to tear your eyes away from and even then, the vivid vixens and slithery snakes are still ingrained in your mind.