The Snake Concept Car is a Nonvenomous Roadster

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: tuvie
The Snake concept car is a spineless vehicle created for those who like to slink around traffic. The Snake was designed by Liwen He to solve the many problems associated with driving in a crowded city.

The Snake concept car can seat two, and is designed like a roadster. All comparisons to a normal car end there, as the Snake's body and capabilities are like nothing ever seen before. This car can bend and contort, just like a real serpent slithering its way through traffic. When parking, the car can fold up, just like a snake curls up into a ball. The vehicle is designed with a noticeable lack of a trunk, but that issue is remedies by the snake's ability to hold luggage in its body. Like a real snake, this vehicle's body is able to expand when you put stuff inside of it. He's car is equal parts creepy and creative.